Society Falls

That EP SHOW was something right? For all of you who went we are just so thankful. We're still not over it! I don't think we ever will be!! It's a warm memory now stapled to our hearts for eternity! So dramatic right? Well I'm serious!!Thank You! Our favorite part of the EP show was listening to all of our good friends SHOCK, Veil, Afraid Of My Neighbor, and Valkyrie Missile. These bands are super talented, top level amazing in there unique ways. It's always fascinating to hear other bands, it trips me out how young we all are and all the hard work we do in order to spill our hearts on stage. It's something special. EP Show was a blast though, and a lot of you are thinking, "What's next?" Well we've got plenty of shows to tackle for a very long time. Yes out of state touring as well. So we're getting ready, working so hard behind the scenes! Follow us on SnapChat for that "behind the scenes" vibes you'll meet our band mascot Oso who happens to be my one and only fabulous sparkling Golden Retriever. We love him even though he disturbs practices all. the. friggen. time. It's not until I feed him a biscuit with lots of peanut butter that he'll stay away from rehearsal premises. Hahaha! Oh and I'm sure Oso is actually over our EP because he was in the studio sessions and listened to a lot of the recordings, mixes, and blah blah blah. BUT I know it's new to the rest of the world! So with that being said, Grab Your Copy of Evil Eye EP!!!! It's finally here! We worked over a year to make this happen. It was something getting through writer's block too. So yeah perhaps later we can chat about Evil Eye EP itself, and the true meaning behind the titled EP! Listen to the whole thing yourselves! Write A Review! Learn the Songs! Blast it in your car! Sing it so so so friggen loud until Adam's chair turns around "I Want You...this is The Voice!" 


Alright enough is enough, Signing OFF