Society Falls

It's real cold outside and I just finished eating dinner. Since it's the weekend I thought why not pizza? I was able to edit a lot of our YouTube page. Go check it out! But also thought I'd share we are working very hard on our new EP. This EP will have four songs. It's called Evil Eye because we are sure everyone is against negativity. So while there's so much of that going on worldwide we wrote a song about it. Keep your ears ready because we are debating if we should drop EVIL EYE as a single. If you haven't yet please follow us on Instagram! That APP is so much fun they even added like a snapchat type of vibe. We've got a lot going on in 2017 and simply can NOT WAIT. Luckily it's a little over a month before the New Year. Happy Holidays we love you all, Thank you for even taking the time to read our blog. Stay Warm