Society Falls

Well I'm practicing with Aaron today at my pad! We have been going over new material for the up coming EP and learning new skills on the bass and learning LIKE........ how to SLAP THE BASS!!!!!! because we might just sneak it in a few songs HEHEHEHEHE. Aside from that I was wondering how do others make their songs? Or what they consider a song to themselves? Like for me.... I just sit in my room and play what ever comes to my head and lay it down on the guitar. (thats one way) the other way is playing with others and collaborating. I tend to be a little slower when I play with others...but it depends on the song or how fast it is.. how much energy is put into the song... or how deeply you put your thoughts into a song. But sometimes I know I over think songs....and I believe that you shouldn't over think songs just keep it close to what you originally make. I won't to know how others write their songs! And how others come up with creative ways to make a song and it not be the usual way.... it could be the most oddest way to make a song but I guess thats ok? So please let me know how you make a song ! 

Rock out with your Sock Out !!!!!! RICO