Society Falls

So who doesn't like Star Wars? It's been a while since we've blogged. Man so much going on right now. We wish we could tell you already, but we can't. At least not just yet. For sure keep spreading Society Falls for those who know of us will not regret it. Soooo back to Star Wars! We've got an exciting show on Friday December 18th 2015. It's going to rock. The booking dude told us we gotta dress up. So now we're all debating. For sure I'm going to be Darth Vader Duhhhh but Aaron and Rico are debating. lol Rico should be Yoda. Hahaha and Aaron should be the walking carpet. We can't wait for this show it's on a Friday so Yay yeah! It's 21+ sorry for those who aren't 21+ we don't put these rules :( The cost is $10.00 and YOU may dress up as well. So whose coming? Let us know!