Society Falls

Whats Up this is the Rico!!!!!! So right now I'm listening to Earth Wind and Fire!!!!! I know this is an older group from back in the day! But these guys knew what they were doing! When I listen to music and think about the craft of playing an instrument. Verdine White wow a great bassist!!! A true raw human being ripping at the bass and laying it down! I really want to be great at all instruments that I touch. Music came natural to me and God gave me a talent not to be wasted. And I have these moments where I find myself learning new ways to play an instrument "in this case the bass" and go deeper into an instrument a piece at a time. The bass is not my main instrument but I love to play it when I can. Especially when I learn new ways to play. If you have any tips for bass let me know! 

Rock out with your Sock Out !!!  -Rico